Updates from Newtonhill area

Interesting snippets in the minute of Newtonhill, Muchalls and Cammachmore Community Council. The members have not been meeting since the pandemic struck, and correspond by email.

Among the highlights are:

Developers are asking Scottish Ministers to reverse Aberdeenshire Council’s decision not to include bids for 120 more houses on the Moor at Newtonhill and 50 houses in Muchalls in its proposed Local Development Plan.

There are now 15 completed houses on the Moor, some of which are already occupied.

More here: https://www.facebook.com/download/555352055627492/NMCCCminutes210531.pdf?av=100005082603890&eav=AfaDYXw_a6On3kPmdnS-j6Oh3esAj5TwAHL1kwGoOoMoWCiyUhVk6m_yfmmVVhrI-qI&hash=AcpW7LuixOlqIcWBsl4&cft[0]=AZWxBzIxt8lxIGWUNvhrqYHqzyaXfcXQStuqlq95mGE-FjcSwPc5oIiANCkAe-6ebfuucWVg3133bxIHt9bFghV6D8N5JsPiPefgkXXFxNxttd6IOlp2nCJGIBWDzrp5GTRfMSPJcZSpApBSETs1u6d3LikkQroF2xirXB_tKgodg8J93Y_i3-JxWW4ju24ffDc&tn=H-y-R

4 thoughts on “Updates from Newtonhill area

  1. David Northcroft says:

    Muchalls is entirely unsuitable for the proposed development. It is a small conservation village devoid of amenities or employment opportunities . Consequently any new inhabitants will be dependent on personal car transportation – and 50 houses can mean 100 additional vehicles all fighting to exit on a precarious right hand turn.
    In any case we have the long term Chapelton project which rightly concentrates new housing in the one well designed settlement thus avoiding piecemeal development elsewhere.

    • ianmollison says:

      I agree entirely, David. When we moved here in the 1970s Muchalls had a village shop, a post office and a hotel. All closed over the years as society changed. Traffic volumes also changed and the junction with the A92 became much busier. And that for me is the key point. As you rightly say, adding a further 100 vehicles would not be sensible at all. That’s why local councillors did not support bids for further housing in the village.

      However – as recent history shows – Scottish Ministers don’t always listen to local people.

  2. Richard+Jachnik says:

    if Ministers over-ride the LDP then I feel that could be taken to arbitration and ministers threatened with damages. The previous overturning of the councils decision was inevitable since that land had been zoned for housing twenty years back. The key here is not to allow zoning and that is a completely different matter for ministers to get involved with in my view- or the law requires revision and it should end up in the courts.

    • ianmollison says:

      I don’t think arbitration is an option in the legislation which governs all of this, however the council could go to court for a judicial review if it were felt that Ministers and their Reporters had acted beyond their remit or unreasonably.

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