The polluter should pay

One of the issues raised at last night’s Portlethen community council was the need for manufacturers to reduce waste. This morning this was discussed at a meeting of Aberdeenshire councillors and Waste Service officers.

Obviously the council is at the end of the cycle, having to deal with the materials left over once customers have finished with the product.

But good news. The UK Government’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is on the case, in partnership with the devolved governments. A public consultation is under way, with a closing date of 4 June.

The proposals set out in this consultation document work together to create a scheme that incentivises producers to design packaging that is easy to recycle and ensure that they pay the full net cost of managing this packaging once it becomes waste.

This is in line with the polluter-pays principle.

The sooner the new scheme starts, the sooner local authorities will receive payment. Aberdeenshire Council is to respond to the consultation.

There is more here:

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