Funding approved for cycling routes

Portlethen is one of 10 active travel and low carbon transport projects which will share £9.46m through the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Travel and Transport Challenge Fund.

Aberdeenshire Council had submitted the successful bid to create three shared-use paths in the town for cycling and walking.

The award is for £180,000 with the remaining £100,000 funded from Aberdeenshire Council’s Capital Plan. The award is for multi-year funding and the project completion date is September 2022.

The proposals will add to existing shared-use paths to create an integrated network that will encourage active travel trips by fully connecting key destinations such as education, employment, retail and transport (rail station). The paths are:

  • Cookston Road to Portlethen Primary – 500m
  • Muirend Road to Badentoy Road – 930m
  • Muirend Road to Cookston Road – 710m

4 thoughts on “Funding approved for cycling routes

  1. Isla says:

    That is great news. Where can we see the plans for these routes?


  2. Michael Morgan says:

    £280,000 for 1.33 miles of footpath. Makes HS2 look like a bargain.

  3. Mike says:

    Why is the cost of this so high. I appreciate the linking of local cycle paths but the sad thing is that major routes like the awpr a completely new build did not include any provision of cycle ways at all. We never seem to plan effectively at national level. If we did perhaps there would be less onerous costs at local level and improved cycle ways across Scotland.

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