Spotlight on station plans

Last night’s Evening Express carried an interesting story about whether stations at Newtonhill and Cove should be re-opened.

While all support for this is welcome, I am a little puzzled by this surfacing now.

A company called AECOM has been commissioned by the transport partnership Nestrans to investigate and report back on whether this would be viable.

Funding has come from Transport Scotland, and AECOM is now progressing the main study on the corridor between Aberdeen and Laurencekirk. I asked Aberdeenshire Council officers on 11 March at a meeting of the infrastructure services committee how long this study will take to complete and was advised six months. So, as the study isn’t finished yet, why call for the findings to be published now? Maybe I’m missing something here. Anyway, it is good to keep it in the headlines.

We will find out later this year if this is a feasible project.

You can read the article here:

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