Vaccination programme on track

The vaccination programme continues with all clinics open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday including the public holidays tomorrow and Monday. In Aberdeenshire, as of 31 March, 118,168 people have had their first jag, and 17,411 their second jag.

Second dose vaccinations for the over 80s are underway with GP practices organising local pop-up clinics. To date 4,168 of the over 80s are now fully vaccinated against covid-19 which represents 34.1% of that cohort.

The most recent cohort to be invited for vaccination is the over-50s and Aberdeenshire has now completed 52.3% of first dose vaccinations for the 50-54 cohort and 89.1% of the 55-59 cohort.

Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership says the current supply of vaccine is sufficient to ensure that they can complete all of the first dose vaccinations for JVCI priority groups 1-9 by mid-April.

They have also been assured that there is sufficient supply to administer second dose vaccinations as needed. However, there will be a dip in supplies of the Astra Zeneca vaccine from week commencing 29 March, which may impact on when they are able to begin vaccinating future cohorts.

Currently the national estimate is that there will be 500,000 fewer doses of Astra Zeneca available across Scotland over the coming weeks.

A group of anti-vaxxers are spreading misinformation about the various vaccines. Please go to for factual information.

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