Hillside extension ready

An extension to Hillside School costing £1.1 million is now complete.
The four-classroom extension sees additional space for music and drama lessons as well as communal or general breakout areas.

The extension was completed in January, a year after construction began. Temporary accommodation was provided while the building works were carried out.

Some external work remains. The temporary site access road will be removed over the next few weeks. Painting of the playground markings will be done in fairer weather from April onwards. However all internal spaces are available for pupil and staff use.

The extension gives the school a published capacity of 509 pupils, though the working capacity due to the use of the general purpose spaces (but not the temporary classrooms) is 651.

Current P1 admission numbers indicate that the school roll in August will be around 500 pupils, bringing the school back within published capacity.

The roll will still increase and so it is likely that general purpose spaces will require to be used as classrooms again. The school prefer to continue to use Room 30 (near the nursery) therefore the community room and the music / drama room will be the first to be released.

Hillside School extension complete – Aberdeenshire Council

Cllr Gillian Owen, Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee chair, said: “When Hillside School was designed provision was made at the time to incorporate future expansion should the school roll increase. It is good that the extension is now complete so that everyone can work in a more spacious environment.

“Whilst there was a delay to the completion due to the Coronavirus and resultant Covid-19 restrictions, it is satisfying that even in the midst of a global pandemic the council and its partners, including delivery partner Bancon Construction, worked together to ensure the completion of the project.

“It is also pleasing that the extension will assist with our delivery of the Scottish Government’s expansion of 1140 free early learning and childcare fully funded hours, which Aberdeenshire is on target to meet the August deadline of offering the entitlement in full.”

Hillside School extension complete – Aberdeenshire Council

Committee vice chair Cllr Rosemary Bruce added: “The council is committed to creating state-of-the-art learning environments. I would like to thank Bancon Construction for the work they have done in the completion of this extension which will provide additional space for a host of teaching and learning activities.

“Well done too to the Learning Estates Team for working tirelessly to upgrade existing schools as well as leading on enhancing our schools, nurseries and educational facilities.”

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