Reassurance over flu jabs

Although most people are receiving their annual flu jab there have been some hiccups with the new system, such as invitation letters arriving after the appointment or difficulties with the helpline.

This morning NHS Grampian told councillors: “The newly-established telephone helpline and email address to support the flu vaccination programme has experienced a surge in enquiries that staff are struggling to cope with at present.

“This is due, in part, to the late arrival of appointment letters which we are working closely with Royal Mail to resolve.

“We are developing a solution to address the call/email backlog at pace and will be making arrangements to ensure all those who are eligible for the free ‘flu jab and may have missed appointments will have the opportunity to receive them.”

I hope this reassures folk.

When I had my jab at Portlethen Academy this week, everything was working very smoothly.

5 thoughts on “Reassurance over flu jabs

  1. Roy Findlay says:

    Top class to the team at Portlethen Academy

  2. Dennis Burt says:

    Excellent system in place at Portlethen Academy.
    Team 1st Class

  3. Gladys mccarthy says:

    Trying to change an unsuitable appointment is a nightmare. Over 15 telephone attempts and 2 e-mails with neither bearing fruit concluded the system isn’t fit for purpose sadly.

    • ianmollison says:

      I have heard that from quite a few people … the system has been overwhelmed. Someone suggested just turn up, but I haven’t heard if anyone has tried that!

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