Shop local if you can

A new initiative has been launched for Aberdeenshire and the city to help make it easy for local people to help stimulate our regional economy. seeks to rebuild consumer confidence and demand by pulling together lots of great information into one central place so people can support local businesses.

The hub provides information on which local products are available in shops and supermarkets, making choosing North-east brands in your weekly shop simple.

It includes sections on local businesses and those promoting local provenance across the food and drink, retail, wellbeing, lifestyle, fashion and beauty sectors and more.

The site links to a wide range of directories, news articles, blogs and inspirational stories from across the area and aims to encourage people to think about other ways they can support local, including days out and staycations.

The hub is designed to signpost people to existing resources, not compete with them. There are lots of fantastic small cooperatives and community initiatives happening across the area but they might not be able to get their message out as far and wide as they would like.

North East Now will amplify their voice and give them a platform to engage, promote and talk about what they’re doing while making it easy for local residents to know what’s out there and how they can help.

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